ABC Shows Obama Taking Lead Among Superdelegates

Yesterday I noted that presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama had pulled within 8.5 superdelegates of Clinton per the count at Politico. The stampede away from Clinton continues and this morning Obama only trails by 3.5 superdelegates by their count. (The half comes from Americans abroad where there are four delegates with one-half vote each, and one remains uncommitted.)

Due to uncertainty as to where each superdelegate stands, different news organizations have different numbers. By ABC’s count, Obama has taken the lead over Clinton 267-265. Several other news organizations still show Clinton with a narrow lead, but this is unlikely to last much longer. The superdelegates clearly are not convinced by Clinton’s funny math which falsely claims to place her in the lead in the popular vote and the superdelegates are not going to ignore the results of the full set of primaries and caucuses.

Besides picking up more superdelegates, Obama is picking up more union support. The American Federation of Government Employees has endorsed Obama.

Update: As of Friday afternoon, Politico now has Obama leading by 1.5 superdelegate. The New York Times gives Obama an edge of three superdelegates.


  1. 1
    MsJoanne says:

    GOOD!  Maybe the union support will be able to dissuade all this elitist, not caring about the average person crap.
    Considering each of these people running for the highest office in the land, he is the SINGLE most like the average American.
    I hope that the masses will be able to get over the whole icky black man, madrassa, Muslim cum Christian cum Muslim, elitist bull$hit!

  2. 2
    MsJoanne says:

    Ron, did I do something wrong that my comment is awaiting moderation?

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The filters to determine whether a comment goes through immediately or is held for moderation are far from perfect and often pick up comments which should go through.

    At least they spare us ads for pharmaceuticals, porn, and ring tones. They also screen out a lot of right wing talking points, discussion of the Trilateral Commission from Paul supporters, etc.

  4. 4
    MsJoanne says:

    Thanks, Ron.
    I think, by now, you know I am none of the above.  😀  Now if we could only train those filters.

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