The General Election Campaign Begins: Barack Obama vs. John McCain

After last night’s devastating loss for Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama can now begin the general election campaign against presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. I previously noted how the media has begun declaring Obama the winner, beginning with Tim Russert, Chuck Todd, and Matt Drudge. This continued on the morning news shows, increasing the sense that the nomination battle is over. Even George Stephanopoulos managed to break free of Hillary Clinton’s grasp on his balls and say, “More superdelegates will come out today for Barack Obama –they will come three, four, five at a time, and this nomination will be locked up.”

For Hillary Clinton it now comes down to preparing the exit strategy. There are reports (along with denials) that she is canceling public appearances, perhaps to give her more time to come up with reasons to justify remaining in the race. She might want to continue a battle which has now come down to satisfying her ego, but the decision might be made based upon the money. After initial denials, it has become known that Hillary Clinton, the new hero of the common working man, has loaned herself another 6.4 million dollars on top of the earlier five million dollar loan. With contributions drying up, for all practical purposes she must resort to self-financing if she is to continue. At this point she might remain in the race a little longer only to attempt to raise a little money to offset her debts, or perhaps to make a deal with Obama to assume her campaign debts.

Update: The exodus of Clinton supporters has begun. Former Clinton backer George McGovern is calling the Clintons to urge Hillary to drop out of the race and inform them of his decision to now endorse Obama. I expect many more to switch in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. 1
    MsJoanne says:

    She says she’s in it for the long run but she is going to have to hit that Mitt Romney loan-yourself-all-your-money point where either she or Bill will have a reality moment.

    Honestly, if she doesn’t spend her time slamming Obama to make him unelectable, I don’t have a problem with her blowing all her cashola. It’s almost nice to see the remaining states having a vote. That said, not only is Rush doing his Operation Chaos thing but local gooper radio show hosts are making the same drive.
    Someone needs to tell me why he’s not being charged for something…for messing with the democratic process, for wanting people to riot in Denver, for being an ugly a$$ gasbag. You know you messed up when Tweety gives you a Worst Person’s In The World type moment!
    New post at LiveFrankly. Stop on by!

  2. 2
    Christopher says:

    Did you see the USAToday interview yesterday?
    Man, it was a real piece of work. The Borg Queen came right out and said only whites matter. I knew her base of support are older white women and paleo-feminists but the KKK? Even I was stunned and I wonder why this interview isn’t getting more coverage in the mainstream media.
    I have a piece up on it today.
    Christopher, a proud, bitter Gay man

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    I imagine that next she will be claiming that black votes should only count as 3/5 a vote, citing original Constitutional arguments, and recalculate the primaries as a victory for her.

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