Bill Clinton Cracks Jokes As People Faint

Has Bill Clinton totally lost his mind? From AP:

Former President Bill Clinton is cracking wise about his ability to make people faint, telling voters in North Carolina he didn’t think he still had it in him.Clinton was campaigning Sunday for his wife’s presidential bid on a hot and sunny day in western North Carolina. The state’s primary is Tuesday.

After one person fell during an event in Lenoir, Clinton joked: “Somebody faints at nearly every one of these things now. At my age, I didn’t think I could make anybody faint anymore.”

I guess joking about people fainting isn’t as bad as threatening to obliterate other countries.

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    Cameroon says:

    His wife’s campaign has been used to tellies lies that make people laugh rather than the truth that makes people cry.Thats what their voters want to hear and so he gives them just a t-spoon.If it was Obama, it will be another media talk of the month.

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