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Just in case anyone doubts that segments of the liberal blogosphere are every bit as loony as the right wing blogosphere just check Open Left here and here. Matt Stoller considers Obama’s appearance on Fox News Sunday to be a betrayal of the liberal blogosphere and a case of promoting right wing institutions.

This is normally the type of absurdity which I prefer not to waste time responding to, figuring that people either recognize the absurdity or are beyond reasoning with. This falls in the same category as believing whether one wears a flag pin or has ever associated with a 60’s radical is a legitimate issue. Kyle Moore did take the time to respond, and I appreciate the fact that he spared me the bother.

Incidentally Big Tent Democrat agrees with Stoller, which pretty much proves my point. The TM Experience notes that Taylor Marsh’s reaction was just as silly, which hardly comes as a surprise.

The Clinton supporters who see Obama appearing on Fox as a betrayal should keep in mind the fact that Obama appeared in order appeal to the Clinton voters on the “news” network they watch. Besides, appearing for an interview is hardly the same as portraying Fox as the leading news network as the Clinton campaign has now done twice.

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    Caryle~ says:

    When we think of the candidates for the Democratic Party, I found it a little amusing and disturbing at where some have positioned their Lane County headquarters. Here is how our local free weekly paper, Eugene Weekly, described their locations.

    “It’s not just candidates coming through town for a quick speech anymore; the presidential campaigns have come to Eugene and they’re setting up shop. Just across from Kinko’s on Willamette lies Barack Obama’s new headquarters. And Springfield is the home for Hillary Clinton’s newly opened local campaign office for Lane County, located across the street from Club 1444 (a “gentlemen’s club”), a 60-day loan shop and a panaderia on Main Street.

    Clinton’s office is one of six offices statewide. The white painted square cinderblock building at 1441 Main boasts in its front window a series of red, white and blue yard signs and white poster board signs drawn with markers emblazed with slogans such as “Honk for Hillary.”
    The building shares a parking lot with Goodfella Lounge and the EZ Boy Mattress factory. Along that section of Main Street are aging trailer parks, cheap motels and little used lots encircled by barbed wire-topped chain link fencing….”

    This might explain why she has the so called “blue collar” support. It does make me wonder if Bill picked out the location:-}

    Here is a link to the story
    I hope that it will get some to pause and to think of the two of these candidates on the more obscure issues. For myself I ask, “Why would a women that is running to be the 1st “women” POTUS have her county headquarters in such a location? Living in this area I know of much more suitable locations that would not stare at the belittling of women by being next to a strip club.”
    I am a 40ish mixed ethnical background, blonde hair blue eyes woman, guess who has my vote!

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    Cory says:

    The idea that Obama is selling out simply for going on Fox News is idiotic. While I do wish that Obama would not appear on the channel, I totally see the reasoning for doing it and I am fine with it.

    What the blogosphere must understand is that the people that watch Fox News are still likely to be a big part of Obama support, whether we like it or not. Obama is doing nothing more than trying to shore those voters up and take them away from Clinton.
    Totally understandable in my view.

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    Ron Chusid says:


    Agree. On one level I would like to see everyone stay off Fox in response to their lack of journalistic standards of fairness. However Obama’s task is far greater than serving the interests of the left blogosphere or taking on Fox.  They have too many viewers–including Clinton supporters–to expect a presidential candidate to ignore them.

    I also wouldn’t expect Obama to initiate conflict with Chris Wallace, as many in the blogosphere wanted. Besides the obvious reasons which would apply to any interview, we must also keep in mind that Wallace is the one who protested some of the previous nonsense coming from others on the network.

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