Sexist Bitch

Regardless of whether one agrees with Melissa McEwan that criticism of Clinton’s laugh is sexist, or one agrees with Ann Althouse that making fun of politicians is part of the debate we have in this country, I hope that they can at last find the humor in Eric’s take on the whole debate at Classical Values. Some might question if Eric is practicing cruelty to animals. (As for the title–please do not take offense. I’m referring to Eric’s female dog which is apparent if you follow the link.)

More seriously, while I’m sure there is some sexism at play, I’m more sympathetic to Althouse on the general argument. Cries of sexism have too often been used to dismiss very valid criticism of a very flawed candidate. There’s also something sexist about backing someone such as Hillary Clinton solely because she is female when she is ethically unfit to be president, has displayed remarkably poor judgment throughout her career and, despite all her spin, is far less qualified than Obama. My objections to Hillary Clinton have nothing to do with her sex. I wouldn’t vote for Bill for most of the same reasons I would not vote for Hillary.

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    Bevv says:

    You can vote for whoever you want. The criticism of Keith Olbermann had nothing to do with who he or you votes for. It has everything to do with what images we project are okay for men and women to see and hear–about how you do handle someone with which you don’t agree. You don’t beat the hell out of a women you don’t like or don’t agree with. That’s all. And to allow that, gives ideas to all others in society, who behind closed doors do just that–beat the hell out of women who mouth off to them or “cackle.”  Check the net, there are a lot of sites to teach men how to behave with regards to these issues. It will be difficult, we know, but this is 2008 and the roots of these problems are thousands of years old.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The problem in responding is that there are examples of sexism in the race, so these arguments cannot be totally dismissed. On the other hand, Clinton supporters have been playing them up far too much at times.

    On the one hand we have Clinton acting as the victim. On the other hand, we have Clinton running by far the more dirty and dishonest campaign and then claiming that Obama supporters can’t take the heat when we complain. It’s not a matter of whether we can take the heat–it’s a matter of principle and what type of behavior we consider to be acceptable from public officials.

    Clinton can’t have it both ways. She can’t conduct herself in a matter we find to be reprehensible and totally unacceptable for a candidate for president and then complain that any slight against her is based upon sexism and cannot be tolerated.

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