The Pennsylvania Numbers

While still waiting for the final numbers out of Pennsylvania, it looks like Clinton’s margin of victory will be pretty close to 9.2%. Only by Clinton-math does this round up to 10%. Despite all her campaign’s spin, her victory does not look very impressive as she failed to win by double digits. Also to be determined is the number of delegates Clinton will win compared to Obama. At present it looks like her pick up will be quite trivial, falling below the margin Obama has won over Clinton in several states.

There was also a Republican primary despite the fact that John McCain has clinched the nomination. For whatever it is worth, McCain won 72.7% of the vote, with Ron Paul winning 15.9% and Huckabee winning 11.4%.

North Carolina and Indiana are next. Obama has a shot at winning in both but The New York Times warns that the people of Indiana do not want change. Living in a neighboring state, I know people from Indiana who would agree with that assessment. Obama has already enjoyed a strong lead in North Carolina, but it doesn’t hurt to have picked up the support of about fifty Edwards backers.

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