A Republican Finally Tells The Truth About Tax Policy

It’s good to see a Republican actually make sense when writing about the tax policy. This is from an op-ed by Bruce Bartlett:

It is an article of faith among Republicans that tax cuts are the cure for every problem the economy faces, and that tax increases are the equivalent of economic poison. Any hint by Democrats that the current administration’s tax cuts should be revisited in light of changing economic or fiscal conditions is met with charges that they are proposing the largest tax increase in history.

The truth is that President Bush’s tax cuts didn’t do much good for the economy; they were mostly giveaways to GOP political constituencies and were little different conceptually from pork-barrel spending. Although there were some good elements to the tax cuts, such as the reduction in marginal tax rates, they were fatally undermined by their temporary nature.

Republicans will spend the rest of the election year trying to convince people that Democrats will raise their taxes (along with taking their guns and bibles). Bartlett tells the truth:

The reality is that we are not going to see the biggest tax increase in history in 2011 because neither Congress nor the White House will allow it to happen, regardless of which party is in control. The choice is not between full extension of all the Bush tax cuts or a massive tax increase, but between extension of the Bush tax cuts and some other sort of tax cuts that would keep the tax burden from rising on the vast majority of taxpayers.


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    Eric Dondero says:

    So then, why don’t Democrats like you come out for 100% taxation? If cutting taxes is so bad, than wouldn’t the reverse be so good? Maximum taxation would be the solution according to your theory. So, why not advocate it?

    What would be your ideal tax burden on Americans? 40%? 50%? 70%? 95%?

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    Ron Chusid says:


    Do you even bother to read the posts before writing your nonsense?

    The post is about how Democrats (and Republicans) will not be increasing taxes significantly, despite the fear tactics being used by right wingers such as yourself. The article quoted also argues that cutting taxes makes sense–just not the way done by the Republicans. Also note the article was written by a Republican. Your comment makes no sense in response.

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    Steve Davis says:

    Ron Cusid writes:

    “Republicans will spend the rest of the election year trying to convince people that Democrats will raise their taxes (along with taking their guns and bibles). Bartlett tells the truth:”
    I have absolutely no doubt the GOP will push the message about “raising taxes.” It’s been going on for a good year–if not more. (So that’s like saying where the sun rises and sets.) But please tell me the name of 1 person from the GOP who publicly states that Democrats will take their guns and Bibles? (I mean someone who is pretty mainstream & respected. Anybody could find some extremist kook that will make the most absurd claim.) Anyway, I’ve heard others say that over and over–rather flippantly as though it is a given fact.

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:


    It is a given fact.

    It was the Republican National Committee which was behind the mailers in West Virginia during the 2004 campaign which made the claims that Bibles would be seized if Kerry was elected. Is the RNC mainstream enough for you? You really aren’t going to claim that confiscation of guns has been a commonly pushed Republican meme against Democrats are you? Being in a part of the country where hunting is popular I’ve received quite a few mailers from the Republican Party using this scare tactic.

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