Clinton and Republican Loonies Let Imagination Go Wild

The attacks from right wing loonies and the increasingly indistinguishable Clinton loonies are getting even more ridiculous. A video of Obama speaking about Clinton shows him scratching his face, but the loonies have used their warped imagination to claim he was making a one-fingered derogatory gesture.

It just took a quick glance at a couple of videos of Obama speaking to confirm that he often scratches his face when he speaks. For example, check out the videos here and here. Sure you could imagine that he was flipping off Clinton from the angle shown, but it is far more likely he was repeating what appears to be a frequent, and possibly subconscious gesture while speaking. John Cole demonstrates how innocent the act was by showing a picture from a different angle:

The real irony is that Obama was speaking about all the nonsense which comes from the Clinton campaign. This just demonstrates his point. Lacking any real reasons to support their candidate beyond the now debunked idea of her inevitability, her supporters have been coming up with an endless stream of nonsense. This is just one more example of how low the Clinton supporters, and their intellectual equivalents on the far right, are willing to go. To both groups matters of real policy and matters of principle mean nothing. All they care about is whether Obama wears a flag pin or if someone he associates with holds controversial views (regardless if Obama does not share such views).

What the Clinton supporters fail to realize is that waging a campaign based upon such nonsense rather than matters of substance is a major reason why Obama is winning the nomination battle. The Clinton supporters have been playing to Obama’s strength, and the Republicans will probably face the same fate if they try to run a similar campaign.

Libby presents a good counter-example for the Republicans who see this as reason to criticize Obama:

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    Probus says:

    This is so childish. Obama would never do such a thing. It is ridiculous to suggest that he would. Fact is Clinton can’t statistically win the nomination any more. She would have to win each of the remaining 10 states by more than 65 percent. This she can’t do. She can’t even do this in PA. But her supporters are unable to grasp reality staring them in the face which is why they have created a false controversy rooted in lies.

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