SciFi Friday: Torchwood Secrets; Grabbing Tricia Helfer; More Lost; And More Sarah Chalke

This will be an abbreviated edition of SciFi Friday as I’m off on vacation and haven’t actually seen any shows since last week’s installment.

Torchwood begins the two part season finale on BBC America. This is a must see episode which reveals more information on how the various members of Torchwood (prior to Gwen) were recruited–including Jack. (This is one show I’ve seen after downloading it following its BBC airing.)

Doctor Who goes to Pompeii and Spoiler TV has some promotional pictures.

Battlestar Galactica is coming close to ending and Fox has decided to grab Tricia Helfer.

Rumor has it that the producers of Lost are trying to have an additional episode added this season. Presumably this means that the abbreviated season was too short to properly tell the story they have planned. If that is the case, I hope they are successful in getting the additional hour.

Sarah Chalke might be returning for further episodes of How I Met Your Mother, fueling speculation that she might be the girl with the yellow umbrella (a.k.a. the future Mrs. Ted Mosby.) There’s no word as to whether Britney Spears will be returning has her love sick receptionist. Neil Patrick Harris votes no.

Bush Hits New Low

George Bush’s approval in the Gallup Poll has fallen to 28%. While other polls have placed his approval this low, this is a low for Gallup. Bush’s previous low in the Gallup Poll was 29% in July 2007.

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