The News Media in the News

The media has been making much of the news the last couple of days.

Randi Rhodes has quit working for Air America, deciding she’d rather quit than apologize for calling Hillary Clinton a “f*cking whore.”

Some portions of Dan Rather’s suit against CBS have been thrown out,  but three of the seven counts will go on. This includes  $70 million claim for compensatory and punitive damages  for breaching his contract.

Besides facing this suit from Rather, things are not going well for CBS News. There is speculation that Katie Couric will be leaving as anchor at CBS after the election, with ratings remaining poor. CBS News, once a major news organization, is also talking with CNN about outsourcing some of their news gathering to them.

Islamo-Fascism Awarness Week Returns

Islamo-Facism Awarness Week was ridiculous when I mocked it the first time they announced this in October. Apparently they weren’t humiliated enough as they are trying again. Steve Benen has a round up, including a link back to my earlier post.

(I must thank the right wingers for making my vacation blogging so easy–allowing me to simply link back to my earlier post and still have it be timely. Now I can head down to the beach without needing further time to write a new blog post.)