Obama Picking Up More Support–In Pennsylvania and Among The Troops

Yet another poll shows that Obama is closing the gap on Clinton. He is not leading or tied as some recent polls have shown, but Quinniapiac does have Clinton’s lead down to six points, compared to a nine point lead on April 2. They find that “one of the biggest shifts is among women who went from 54 – 37 percent for Clinton April 2 to 54 – 41 percent for her today.”

While Obama has been gaining support in Pennsylvania, another group is backing Obama–many soldiers in Iraq according to this report form ABC News.

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    George says:

    Mr. Obama is clearly going to be the democratic candidate and more than likely the next President of the United States. He is some what of a phenom, and people are jumping all over the bandwagon. Personally, I think its a good thing…Hillary does not do much and McCain is just another version of GWB.

    What is really interesting is there is an Internet Consulting company, http://www.spartaninternet.com , that did a study on online support for candidates. They show Obama being ahead since early July 2007.

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