Liberal Values is Clean: The Cuss-O-Meter Proves It

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

Earlier today a conservative site falsely claimed that the “F-bomb…is used several times” on this site. See the comments to the Randi Rhodes post for more. The Cuss-O-Meter has defended the honor of Liberal Values as a clean, wholesome blog. Take that you name calling right wingers who think you can use a trivial matter involving Air America to support your warped view of liberals as “Taliban lefties.”

Our low score is actually for a good reason. Many of the posts here are picked up by news organizations due to our affiliation with BlogBurst, bringing in thousands of additional readers. It seems foolish to throw in a few needless words for shock value which would diminish the chances of posts being picked up by newspaper web sites.

Actually, as I noted in the comments, there were six cases in which the f-word has been present in this blog, but each case was in quotations from another source. The Cuss-O-Meter is smart enough to ignore six out of over three thousand posts.

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