Obama Takes Lead In One Pennsylvania Poll

Yesterday I cited two polls showing that Obama is narrowing the gap in Pennsylvania. Two additional polls today show the same trend. Quinnipiac shows Obama trailing Clinton by nine points, compared to trailing by twelve points on March 18. Even more incredibly, Public Policy Polling shows Obama up by two points, a remarkable change from Clinton’s twenty-six point lead over two weeks ago. The previous poll was taken at the height of the Jeremiah Wright controversy and the day before Obama’s speech on race in Philadelphia.

This Public Policy poll is quite an outlier from the three other polls, but they have had a good track record and there is a chance they are simply the first to get it right. I’ve been assuming that Clinton would win Pennsylvania but not by enough to change the fundamentals of the race considering the number of states where Obama has won by substantial margins. However if Obama should manage to win in Pennsylvania, even if only by two points, that would be the final straw which would lead to even most of Clinton’s supporters abandoning her campaign.

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    Rev Shallom says:

    It’s more than obvious that Hillary is hurting
    and disrupting the nomination process out of egotism, rather than love for America.
    If she truly loved America she would concede to her party colleague – Barack Obama.
    Its’ doubtful that Hillary’s so-called “patriotism” and “exprience” is genuine. Maybe, like Bosnia and Ireand sort of thing

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