The Logic of the Limbaugh Democrats for Clinton

Here’s another reason to vote for Obama. This is actually presented as a conservative argument to vote for Clinton, as advised by Rush Limbaugh, in order to try to stop Obama. Democrats might find in this a strong reason to support Obama over Clinton:

Perhaps the idea is that, given Obama’s high positives amongst even Republicans, the only way to suppress Democratic turnout in the general election is to keep Obama from winning — or at least make him very much less attractive than he now is. After all, if Movement Conservatism is going to survive, it will need conservative Republicans to win seats in Congress, no matter who wins the White House.

But if Obama is still in the race — whether as the Presidential or VP pick — and still idolized enough to drive Democratic turnout, the chances of conservative Republicans winning congressional contests with their Democratic opponents are very much lowered. So, at least at this point in the game, the GOP’s interests (“Give McCain a Chance by Damaging the Dems!”) align with conservative interests (“Give Conservatives a Chance by Damaging Obama!”).

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