Good Joe, Bad Joe, Very Bad Hillary

Here’s yet another reason why Hillary Clinton has fallen into third place in my rankings of the remaining viable candidates for president. Joe Wilson, who has also lost all the respect and honor he deserved in the past for telling the truth about Niger, has written a disgusting hit piece for the Clinton to attempt to Swift Boat Obama.

As Joe Klein wrote:

Clinton’s slim hopes of winning the nomination are not helped by this. They are hurt. In fact, let me amend what I said in the first paragraph: If her campaign persists in peddling this sort of kamikaze stuff–and make no mistake, this sort of op-ed is usually vetted by the campaign–her judgment should be called into question.

The ability of Hillary Clinton to self destruct by approving material such as this is just amazing. It sure doesn’t make Clinton look very good when she pulls this type of crap at the same time John McCain has suspended an aide for a hit piece on Obama. Placing this in perspective, this latest blunder by Clinton is far less devastating to the country as, for example, invading Iraq. But then Hillary backed that blunder too–something which should be recalled every time Clinton or a surrogate tries to claim that Clinton deserves to be trusted to answer the phone at 3 a. m. or any other time of day in a crisis.

And who would have guessed a year ago that Wilson would be the bad Joe and Klein would be the good Joe?


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    PD1981 says:

    The Clinton accolytes and apologists are truly behaving reprehensibly. Joe Wilson, as a seasoned diplomat, knows much better than he does and his juvenile and puerile attacks on Obama profoundly diminishes his credibility and reputation. The same goes for people like Kristen Breitweiser, a very sensible and intelligent person who has recently been reduced to writing nonsensical ravings supporting Senator Clinton. Ditto for Geraldine Ferraro

    Senator Clinton and her campaign sure does bring out the worst in people

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    Lex says:

    I can’t read Wilson’s op-eds anymore…not because he is so pro-Clinton, but because he tries to pass himself off as the non-partisan, ex-diplomat just trying to educate us.

    These op-ed writers (regardless of affiliation) should be required to disclose if they have any connection to a campaign.

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