Bush Hits New Low in CNN Poll

How many times have I had posts about Bush hitting a new low in the polls? It has happened again, this time with a new low of 31% approval in CNN’s poll. This is down forty points from its high at the start of the Iraq war five years ago, which is comparable to Lyndon Johnson’s drop of popularity because of Vietnam.

It is no surprise that Bush’s approval has dropped forty points after making one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in history. What is surprising is that two out of the three viable major party candidates to replace Bush supported this policy. Being the only one who got it right, it is also surprising that Obama isn’t leading both Clinton and McCain by large margins.

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    P.J. Onori says:

    Frankly, I’m surprised even a third of the country can stomach what they’re seeing from this President. If the Dow drops below 11,000, expect that number to get closer to 25%…

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