Updated Delegate Counts

Here are some of the current delegate counts from various news services:

CNN: Obama 1,608, Clinton 1,478
CNN: Obama 1,402, Clinton 1,240 (Not counting supers)

NBC: Obama 1,610, Clinton 1,496
NBC: Obama 1,394, Clinton 1,242 (Not counting supers)

ABC: Obama 1,600, Clinton 1,484

CBS: Obama 1,591, Clinton 1,471

WaPo: Obama 1,596, Clinton 1,484
WaPo: Obama 1,385, Clinton 1,237 (Not counting supers)

NYT: Obama 1,510.5, Clinton 1,403
NYT: Obama 1,348, Clinton 1,210.5 (Not counting supers)

AP: Obama 1,596, Clinton 1,484
AP: Obama 1,385, Clinton 1,237 (Not counting supers)

CNN reports that Obama picked up 17 delegates in Mississippi while Clinton picked up 11. Counting is still underway in the Texas caucuses, where Obama has won. They estimate Obama will win 38 of Texas’s delegates, while Clinton will win 29 delegates. Recent estimates in California give Obama four more delegates and Clinton with four less than in the original estimates. I’m not sure how many of the estimates above have made these corrections in earlier states.

Marc Ambinder also presents a detailed chart of the count from the Obama campaign, whose counts have turned out to be pretty accurate. As this AP report notes, the Obama campaign is describing the race as coming down being able to maintain their lead in pledged delegates. In contrast the Clinton campaign is hoping to pick up enough super delegates, and possibly delegates currently pledged to Obama, to overcome Obama’s lead. The numbers suggest Obama should win it, and I doubt the super delegates would risk tearing the party apart by giving the nomination to Clinton, but this campaign is not over as long as there are so many super delegate votes which are uncommitted.

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  1. 1
    Wayne says:

    I think that unless Obama wins big in Penn, in a close race, the super-delagates could still go with Clinton. Why do I feel this? At the convention the super-delegates will be deciding based on any future backlash. For all the posturing that the elected officials will fear getting thrown out of office, the reality is that incumbents are pretty much a sure thing in 95% of the districts. However, when looking at backlash within the Democratic party itself, I would be more afraid of the venom from a spurned Hillary Clinton, then a spurned Barak Obama, and this could play a huge factor in the convention backrooms.

  2. 2
    lucyna says:

    Clinton may win big states, but did anybody paied attention to the margin of her winnings vs. winnings of Obama? On average, his winnings are 60-30 for Obama. Clinton’s winning are 50-40 for her. Clinton certainly have 35 years of experience manipulating people and she will trash anybody that stays on her way. America, weak up!

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