Pentagon Tries To Keep Inconvenient Truth on Iraq a Secret

Yesterday a Pentagon study showed that there was no connection between al Qaeda and Saddam. This contradicted claims made by the Bush administration to invade Iraq. It appears that the Bush administration wants to keep this evidence that they were wrong, and probably lying, from being disseminated. ABC News reports:

The Bush Administration apparently does not want a U.S. military study that found no direct connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda to get any attention.  This morning, the Pentagon cancelled plans to send out a press release announcing the report’s release and will no longer make the report available online.

The report was to be posted on the Joint Forces Command website this afternoon, followed by a background briefing with the authors.  No more.  The report will be made available only to those who ask for it, and it will be sent via U.S. mail from Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia.

It won’t be emailed to reporters and it won’t be posted online.

Of course the Bush administration will deny that they are trying to keep this report a secret. When asked they responded, “We’re making the report available to anyone who wishes to have it, and we’ll send it out via CD in the mail.” A more honest Pentagon spokesman at least admitted that this report was “too politically sensitive.” While true, this does not justify these attempts to cover up the information.

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  1. 1
    absent observer says:

    Don’t you have any respect for State Secrets? I hope they waterboard you till you develop a mild cough.

  2. 2
    Bullwinkljmooz says:

    Apparently it’s huge. You can request a copy of it to be mailed to you on CD by going to http://www/ and clicking on the Contact Us button.

  3. 3
    Probus says:

    Well said. This is an effort to cover up the truth. It’s too little too late. The American people know the truth. We were lied into this war. And as late as last July we had Bush claiming that there was a connection between 9-11 and Saddam. Too many American soldiers have died in Iraq for them to try to cover up the truth.

  4. 4
    ikewasright says:

    Bullwinkljmooz has provided an excellent link to the website for 2Wire, Inc.
    1704 Automation Parkway San Jose, CA 95131, a home telecommunication hardware/service provider. They’re hiring, if you’re interested.

    I’m willing to bet that, within the next seven to 10 days, the monster known as Cheney will stand before a loyalty-proven crowd of GOP-trained chimps (“USA! USA! USA!) and announce that there were certain ties between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda and he’ll get boisterous (“USA! USA! USA!) applause and affirmation.

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