Housekeeping Note–Blog Status and Emergency Plans

As I’ve note earlier, Liberal Values has grown to the point where we are in danger of exceeding what our current host can handle. It might be necessary to move, which would mean that this site could be unavailable for a couple of days. In the event we are down, updated information, and posting while the main blog is down, will be here:

I suggest that regular readers bookmark the site in case it is not possible to reach this site.

Part of the problem is the memory used by WordPress plugins. The last several days I’ve been making various adjustments, with some features coming and going while I monitor the effect.

I’ve also been using various cache plugins to reduce our memory use, which sometimes leads to bizarre results. Sometimes changes in the blog, and sometimes new posts, are not immediately seen. Often clicking on comments to a post and/or signing in will bring up a more recent version of the page out of the cache. The more powerful cache I’ve tried wound up conflicting with the Feedburner plugins used here so I had to move to a less powerful one last night. Today I have changed to different a different Feedburner plugin and if time allows will try the changing the cache plugin again tonight. Bottom line is that if you think that some of the features look or work differently from day to day, you are not imagining things.

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