Bill Bradley Criticizes Lies From Clinton Campaign

Bill Bradley, who I quoted last week, spoke out against the Clinton campaign’s dishonesty again as quoted by The Times of London:

Former senator Bill Bradley, who is a leading supporter of Obama and ran for president in 2000, accused the Clintons of “lying” in pursuit of victory.

“The bigger the lie, the better the chance they think they’ve got. That’s been their whole approach,” he said. “She’s going to lose a whole generation of people who got involved in politics believing it could be something different.”

Bradley believes that Clinton will stop at nothing to tear down Obama even if it boosts John McCain, who was confirmed last week as the Republican nominee: “The Clintons do not do long-term planning. They’re total tacticians and right now their focus is on Obama, not McCain.”

The irony is that if not for dirty politicians among the Democrats such as Hillary Clinton it is unclear whether Obama could have become front runner. In a normal election year a more experienced Democrat probably would have won the nomination. With Clinton the front runner, there was not much breathing room for candidates like Dodd, Biden, or Richardson. Obama found what was possibly the only successful way of defeating Clinton despite her perceived inevitability by challenging old style politics.

By waging a dishonest campaign, Clinton only demonstrated why a change with someone like Obama was needed. More than once when I received invitations which are extended to bloggers to a Clinton conference call to highlight their latest talking points I did respond by saying that their dirty attacks would only play to Obama’s strengths and harm their campaign. We’ve seen that this was the case as Obama took the lead away from Clinton in the nomination battle. Clinton’s dishonesty backfired, giving more reason for voters to back a candidate like Obama. Bradley is right that the Clintons are failing to do long term planning with regards to McCain in the general election. They also failed to do any reasonable planning against Obama in the nomination battle.

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    Anonymous says:

    Bill Bradley has spoken the truth about the Clinton campaign.
    Obama is a man of honesty and character. He gives people hope of changing politics to the point where people can once in life respect the politics and realize the change being brought into American polictics. This change encourages people that someone will hear their voice, and not let the lobbyish pay off the politcians instead of the good of the country. The Clintons along with the that Hannity guy would be satisfied to destroy demogracy rather than to see the new era of polictics with so many young people voting and people of intelligence coming together black, white, brown to move this country into a time and history to be accountable for that will make a great change in America now and in days to come.

  2. 2
    Donna says:

    It hurts me as a white women that Hillary Clinton would lower herself to lies and deceit in order to win the nomination. She brings racism to this campaign by sending out messages from people who work for her. She says Obama has no experience, but neither does she. She only was the wife of a president and with that being said, she didn’t even realize he was getting sex from one of his ads. That’s how out of touch she was. The concern for me is that her unfair and deceitful tactics might end up hurting our cause for change. We might end up having to deal with another 4 years of a republican in the White house. I think she should play fair, and let the best man or women win and let it be based on the issues rather then race or lies. Be a class act Hillary, by the way…what are you hiding… If you want a campaign of transparency why haven’t you revealed your tax returns. You bring about suspecsion in me, by not doing that, I don’t trust you. You seems to be more of what we need to do away with in government… Secret meetings, underhanded scemes,like the Bush administration and what about the lobbiest that our paying for your campaign. You’ve got alot of secrets Hillary, the things you do and allow in your campaign is frightening. There is no way you can bring this country together like Obama can. He has been transparent from the start and he has been right about not going into this war from the start. With his advisors and his ability to bring people together, the United States can become a strong nation that other countries can respect again and look up to. We can have a strong nation that is run by the people of this country. Play fair Hillary! Stop your lies about Obama. PS: Thanks Bill Bradley for standing up for Obama.

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