It’s 3:00 a.m. And We Have a Crisis

It is 3:00 a.m. and we have a crisis. Hillary Clinton did well enough in Tuesday’s primaries to remain in the race. Clinton won the popular vote in three out of four states after a string of twelve consecutive defeats. This poses a real danger to America.

So far every day that delegates have been awarded, Obama has either won or, as in New Hampshire, tied Clinton. We might not know until the end of the week, and the results of the caucus portion in Texas are tabulated, who won the most delegates.

Obama’s lead in pledged delegates will be approximately the same regardless of who wins the most delegates in Tuesday’s primaries. The math will still show that it is extremely unlikely that Clinton can go into the convention with a majority. Just as after Super Tuesday, we now go into another round of states which favor Obama. If Tom Brokaw’s information is correct, Obama might also be picking up another fifty superdelegates, increasing his overall lead.

One winner tonight was Rush Limbaugh, who urged his listeners to vote for Clinton. The big winner was John McCain. He both clinched the Republican nomination and should benefit from Clinton’s victories. At very least he will still have Hillary Clinton launching more negative attacks to damage Barack Obama. There even remains an outside chance that Clinton could win the nomination, giving McCain a much more beatable general election opponent than Obama.

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    Tito says:

    Crisis? Perhaps, perhaps not. I think the fact that this primary has energized the Democratic electorate (particularly young voters) bodes well for us come November. If Obama had knocked HRC out of the race back in New Hampshire or on Super Tuesday, most people would have gone back to paying attention to Paris Hilton rather than watching debates and (hopefully) learning the issues.

    I do think that at this point these two candidates (particularly HRC) have to start “playing nice” and continually point out that either of them is better than McCain

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    Angelight says:

    In America politics today, pundits and media reward politicians and say how smart they are when the politician uses Bully tactics and an “Swiftboat” mentality when they tear their opponents down by smear, distortions and lies –“swift boating”. The news media and pundits like to Praise the unscrupulous Politician up instead of disavowing them. The pundits like to say how Brilliant they are; What a Victory they say; what a Comeback Kid; and justify their use of Negative Ads and reward the worst in us — this low and base behavior which should be outgrown as a humanitarian society. How many good and decent men have gone down because they were unfairly swiftboated by their opponents, mischaracaterized by those who have no morals or ethics. Something is wrong with that picture.

    There is nothing brilliant about lies, distortions, peddling fear, swiftboating, and an assassination of one’s character, it’s not a physical killing but a killing just the same, an emotional theft and mental crime. It’s slander and distortion of the worse kind and should not be rewarded or esteemed as characteristics we need to emulate within our society. Do we emulate the school yard bully? Or the thief who steals one’s life’s earnings? It’s Dirty Politics and should be called what it is, a crime. If America is to ever become better than what she is, than we must disavow this kind of tactics because it has no place in Democracy’s arms, no place in a sane and peaceful society.

    Running a country is serious business and it is not a game, it is not acting. It’s the governing of people and their lives and should be taken as a solemn oath and duty. Dirty politics should not be looked up to as a virtue and politicians should not be allowed to swiftboat their opponent, for the sake of gain by any means at any cost.

    There is a Right way to Fight and a Wrong way to Fight. Victory based on lies and cheating should not be condoned. There should be campaign laws about this kind of unscrupulous politicking. It should not be rewarded with the highest office in the land. It should be called what it is a Crime.

    America is only as good as her politicians and leaders.

    Right Wing Canadian Prime Minister Tied to Leak Slurring Obama


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    David Drissel says:

    The Clinton campaign is truly Machiavellian and will stop at nothing to wrest this nomination away from Obama. He needs to forget about John McCain for awhile and show some real passion and spunk in his rebuttals to Clinton’s often shrill attacks. It’s time for Obama to become a fighter and stand up to Hillary’s petty, race-baiting, fear-mongering tactics.

    You know, Hillary has publicly dissed Obama way too many times lately. When she said that she and McCain had both accumulated a lifetime of experience” and that Obama simply had “a speech” that was not only insulting to Obama it was disloyal to the Democratic party. It was metaphorically akin to calling him “boy,” which is a patronizing form of subtle racism.

    Obama needs to emphasize that he too has a “lifetime of experience.” He needs to say boldly that he has the RIGHT KIND OF EXPERIENCE to be President. Being a change agent and having “good judgment” is not enough anymore. He needs to convince the cautious skeptics and assorted dittoheads that he too is truly experienced – and then say so directly. He actually has more years of legislative experience than Hillary, not to mention his years of experience working as a community organizer, civil rights attorney, and professor of law.

    Obama needs to quickly reframe the refrain of “experience” to his advantage. He needs to continue running against the Washington establishment, but also explain to the American public that his kind of grassroots experience is more genuine than Hillary’s years of special interest fawning in the White House and Senate.

  4. 4
    Deepseas says:

    Good comment, Angelight. The only winners are the same corrupt politicians who have betrayed our country. Americans know something is wrong, but they don’t have the time or wherewithall to weed through the smokescreen of lies and propaganda.

    Obama is staying above the underhanded, ruthless tactics to win. But it appears many Americans are bloodthirsty, and not happy unless they see a knock out fight.

    This December, I hope they enjoy being screwed by our elected officials further as they stand in the soup lines.

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    Probus says:

    We have reached that stage in the campaign where winning the state is no longer enough. Now it is all about the math and how the delegates are awarded. Clinton needs to really think about what she is doing to the party in order to win the nomination. If this thing comes down to the superdelegates on the convention floor and if they choose her over the candidate that actually won their state than the true loser here will be the democratic party and the American people. Her underhanded and sleazy tactics (the 3 am ad and how she answered the question about Obama religion on 60 Minutes) show that she is running an entirely negative campaign. She is not the candidate for change.

  6. 6
    Deepseas says:

    About Clinton’s sleazy campaign, don’t forget it was just discovered that the NAFTA connection was in fact a Clinton staffer – NOT AN OBAMA STAFFER – as had been previously claimed. This was most likely the clincher for the Ohio voters as they have lost many jobs there.

    In the end, these sleazy tactics of Clinton’s will backfire.

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