Obama Responds to Fear with Judgment


While Hillary Clinton is resorting to fear in her ad, Obama showed who should be answering the phone in a crisis in the ad above ad from last fall.

While Obama has a strong argument based upon judgment based upon his opposition to the war, Clinton’s claims of experience are more questionable. Clinton did not have security clearance, did not attend National Security Council meetings, and as First Lady had limited involvement in national security issues.

The Obama campaign has released the following response to Clinton’s ad:

“We don’t think the ad is going to be effective at all. Senator Clinton already had her red phone moment — to decide whether to allow George Bush to invade Iraq. She answered affirmatively. She did not read the National Intelligence Estimate. She still, curiously, tries to suggest that it wasn’t a vote for war, but it most assuredly was…

“This is about what you say when you answer that phone. What judgment you show…She, John McCain and George Bush gave the wrong answer.”

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