Another Libertarian for Obama

Obama has received the support of Scott Flanders of the Orange County Register (Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan).

Flanders reasoned that Obama is the best candidate to work on four top libertarian reforms: 1) Iraq withdrawal, 2) restoring the separation of church and state; 3) easing off victimless crimes such as drug use; 4) curtailing the Patriot Act.

Compared to Ron Paul, Obama covers four while Paul only agrees with three of these criteria. In addition, with Obama you don’t have Paul’s baggage of conspiracy theories, racism, and a pack of irrational supporters who would unintentionally prevent victory even if Paul ever had a chance. While they both take relatively libertarian positions on Iraq, victimless crimes, and civil liberties, Paul denies separation of church and state. Besides the new problems of Iraq and the Patriot Act to arise during the Bush years, the most serious threat to liberty comes from the religious right and erosion of separation of church and state.

For those who still think there is anything remotely libertarian about the Republican Party, also note that, if we go by Flanders’ criteria, these are largely problems exacerbated by George Bush. Bush is responsible for Iraq, the Patriot Act, and further erosion of the wall of separation of church and state which was promoted by the founding fathers. The Bush administration also has a worse record than other recent administrations on drug use, considering how they are even cracking down on those who use medicinal marijuana in states where it is legal.

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