Ohio Poll Shows Obama Leading Clinton, Clinton Advisers Realize The End May Be Near

The polls have gotten tighter in both Texas and Ohio, with most showing that Obama has greatly reduced Clinton’s earlier lead in Ohio. One poll now shows Obama in the lead in Ohio (hat tip to From the Left):

Ohio was early seen as a state where Clinton had the advantage due to the dynamics of the race so far. Clinton has done better with Ohio’s demographics, but there is no good reason for this. Basically poorly educated/low information voters have bought Clinton’s argument that her policies are better for the middle class, even though Obama’s economic plans are actually better. It is notable that the unions have seen through this and are supporting Obama. As time goes on more voters are also realizing this.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in Ohio, but if Obama wins, even by a handful of votes, it is the end for Clinton. Losing Ohio would destroy all her arguments as to why the states Obama has won should not count. There is already talk of Clinton supporters considering how to get Hillary to drop out if she doesn’t do well on March 4. The Washington Post reports on the new reality seen by the Clinton camp:

Inside Clinton’s inner circle on Friday, the feeling was that the Thursday night debate in Austin was unlikely to slow Obama’s momentum from 11 straight primary and caucus victories. Some supporters said they had discussed how to raise with Clinton the subject of withdrawing from the race should she fail to win decisively on March 4. One option was to wait a day or two and then dispatch emissaries to former president Clinton to urge him to make the case.

One adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak freely, said Obama’s 17-point Wisconsin victory on Tuesday had started to sink in as a decisive blow, given that the state had been viewed weeks earlier as a level playing field.

“The mathematical reality at that point became impossible to ignore,” the adviser said. “There’s not a lot of denial left at this point.”

Despite Clinton’s public pronouncements of optimism, this adviser said: “She knows where things are going. It’s pretty clear she has a big decision. But it’s daunting. It’s still hard to accept.”

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  1. 1
    Linda L Rucker says:

    I figured it wouldn’t take Ohio and Texas long to equate the loss of a lot of their jobs thanks to NAFTA, to the Clintons. No matter how much she preaches to the contrary, HRC certainly could have put a bug in Bill’s ear when all that NAFAT nonsense first came to light. If she was truly an advocate of the American working men/women, she would have nagged NAFTA right out of Bill’s head. That said, apparently saving American jobs was not on the top of her to do list, so how can anyone think it will be any different now?
    Kudos to Ohio and hopefully the Texans will follow suit. What is that saying down there? More brains and less bull? Hope so.

  2. 2
    jackpine savage says:

    As the polls in TX and OH get closer, one has to figure that the attacks will get nastier…or not. I hope that the latter is the case.

    I really don’t like the attack mailers, even if they’re speaking the truth. It is not so much what you say, but how you say it.

    That being said, if it was me running against Sen Clinton, i would have been beating her over the head with NAFTA (and Glass-Steagall) right from the beginning. I would have worked NAFTA into every debate answer on illegal immigration; i would have worked it into my economic answers. I would not have attacked Sen Clinton with it directly, but used it as a portion of my explanation for how the problems we face came to be staring us down. Then again, i think (and thought all through the 90’s) that 80% of what the Clinton administration did was complete shite.

    Thankfully, i’m not a registered Democrat so i can’t be a “bad” Democrat.

  3. 3
    ben says:

    Clinton seems so lost..Its SAD!..Do hope that Bill is not giving her advice!

  4. 4
    Babs W. says:

    Bill Clinton should be the one to tell Hillary that she should throw in the towel. She would respect his advice and furthermore — something that’s very important — she could cry on his shoulder in privacy. This private confrontation with the clear-cut fact that she won’t be the Democratic candidate for President would enable her to go public with her decision to exit the race with dignity and resignation. Otherwise making an upbeat exit would be extremely difficult.

    Hillary is a strong woman, someone who has inspired millions of other women because she has done many wonderful things for her party and for her country. It would be sad day,indeed,if the millions of us who admire her had to watch her exit from the race for President become a demeaning scene. If she is sincere when she urges voters to support Barack Obama,then she will go down in history as a very strong woman. And perhaps she will be able to play an important part in the next administration … if she chooses to do so.

  5. 5
    Edna Cutlip says:

    I think that Hillary uses the word “*I” to much and does not know what it is not to have good insurance. We need to have the ins. that the senators and the government officials have. If they need such good coverage with their salaries and already being rich why then should they decide for us. She scares me to death. Obama says he will not tax social security. I think it is time retired people be given a break and I did not hear her reply on this for she had none.

    I think Medicare should be left alone and the government needs to stay out of trying to force insurance on us when they would not want it themselves.

    DO NOT TAX SOCIAL SECURITY…Many of us are widows/widowers so what is the government doing for us. We are one check families who pay the same amounts for repairs and upkeep as others….difference being we have one check. We did not ask to become widows having to file taxes as single people. When we replace our roofs and our furnaces we pay the same as the couple retired but with 2 checks. Someone needs to think. You take our pride away by taxing social security and we must give to you most of what we have saved for our older years. It makes no sense to me. Someone ask Hillary on this for Obama has already mentioned it in his debate. Hillary should show her taxes and the other papers that they want to see. I wonder if she is waiting until Ohio and Texas have voted. They must have some money if they lent 5 Million to her campaign. What do they have or are they doing in the foreign countries. Making money??

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