SciFi Friday: Kate’s Trial, Jericho’s New History, and 24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot

This week’s episode of Lost answers two questions raised by last season’s finale. We learn both why Kate is free after she gets off the island and who she was in a hurry to return to. I find it questionable that there would have been nothing they could have convicted Kate of without her mother’s testimony, but there have been far more unbelievable occurrences on the show. This week’s end of episode shocker was predictable. After seeing Kate with Aaron on the island I did assume that Aaron would turn out to be the one she referred to as her son throughout the flash forward. We also hear more of the fake story given by the Oceanic Six, without any clue as to why they are telling this. I also wonder why they are saying that eight survived the crash but two died later as opposed to saying all but six died in the crash if they do not want to admit that others survived on the island.

Seeing Aaron being raised as Kate’s son makes it safe to assume Clair did not make it off the island. The vision Desmond described to Charlie included Claire and Aaron getting on the helicopter to be rescued, suggesting that Claire might have died afterwards. Then there’s the question of what happened to Desmond and Sayeed on the way to the freighter. I suspect that the distortions in time are involved.

Jericho‘s political storyline is getting more ominous. The Cheyenne government not only has a new flag but is rewriting history in a manner which many conservatives might agree with. It looks like the plot was to knock out all the cities leaving America dominated by red state mentality. There are rumors that Jericho will not make it beyond this season unless ratings pick up tremendously. If that should happen, at least one of two possible endings for the season does tie up the series.

Besides Jericho, it looks like another science fiction series won’t survive. Bionic Woman is being canceled, but that’s no great loss. If you run out of new shows to watch, an increasing number of old shows are being made available on line. Here’s a list of what’s available from NBC. CBS has decided to do the same, and is including the original series of Star Trek.

I heard a while back that a remake of Death Race 2000 was in the works. It turns out that it isn’t really a remake but more of a homage to the original. Like the original there is a race, but otherwise the story line, as described here, is quite different.

At the moment I’m waiting for this week’s episode of Torchwood to download. The BBC aired two episodes last week, so we’re getting ahead of the episodes on BBC America. I won’t give any spoilers but can safely mention that Martha Jones appears as promised, and that there is quite a cliff hanger coming up.

Finally, for those who miss 24, here’s the unaired pilot form 1994. Technology just was not the same back then.

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