Guest Blogging at The Carpetbagger Report

Drop by and visit at The Carpetbagger Report where I’m guest blogging today. I’m really not sure how much I’m going to post both here and over there. The day started out looking quite busy, and on top of it the Michigan weather resulted in some damage to the roof at my office over the weekend, which is making things even more hectic as we work around the messier parts of the office. A new round of that “lake effect snow” (in contrast to real snow) has now started coming down, so this might scare away some people and give me some unexpected free time this afternoon.

My first post today at The Carpetbagger Report is a slightly revised version of a post from the weekend on the Republican claims that Obama will create a theocracy. Hopefully I’ll get some time for new material over there and will also cross post here.

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