Obama’s Wisconsin Ad

The previous post shows the latest Clinton ad in Wisconsin which looks like the work of an amateur. An example of an Obama ad airing in Wisconsin is posted here. (I’ll add the actual video once it is available on YouTube.)

The ad is far superior to Clinton’s dishonest attack ad. Being a thirty second commercial it doesn’t attempt to provide details of his policy plans, but such details are easily available at his web site for those who are interested.

A comparison of the two ads provides an excellent example of the difference in quality between the two campaigns.

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    Negatve Ads. Negative Results says:

    When will Hillary learn thta going negative in an election campaign doesn’t pay good dividends. That’s what happened when the Billaries attacked (in the Old established manner) and gave a landslide victory to Obama in South Carolina last month, even though he would have won.

    They live to regret that, they’ll again live to regret the same old Washington game that Obama seeks to change.


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