Clinton Attempt At Negative Ad Shows Lack of Competence and Integrity


Apparently this ridiculous ad (video above) really is what Hillary Clinton is trying now. I agree with Atrios that “the narrator sounds like he’s a bad parody of political ad narrators.” The content is pretty lame also. It’s also dishonest.

The gist of the commercial is to attack Obama for not agreeing to a debate in Wisconsin, ignoring the fact that Obama has agreed to a large number of debates. There is no need for him to go along with Clinton’s strategy of constantly debating to the point where it would seriously interfere with his campaigning. After all, Clinton and everyone else now realize that the more the two candidates campaign in an area, the more the voters prefer Obama over Clinton.

Clinton claims that Obama would rather give speeches than answer questions, but what is really important is the content of their campaigns. It is Hillary Clinton who shows herself to be afraid to answer real questions when she resorts to Bush-style staged town hall events and planting questions during campaign appearances.

While Obama has given concrete solutions to our problems, the Clinton campaign has concentrated on attacking Obama with dishonest misrepresentations of his views. She has also devoted a considerable amount of time to side shows like criticizing Obama for a kindergarten paper and attacking journalists who displease her. When she does take a stand on an issue, she is all to often on the wrong side.

Clinton mentions two issues in the ad, but the facts go against her. She claims to have the only health care plan that covers every American. Her plan will attempt to force every American to join, but Obama has the superior plan to actually provide health care coverage to everybody who desires it. As mandates do not guarantee universal compliance, many such as Robert Reich actually believe Obama’s plan will cover more people than Clinton’s. has already criticized Clinton for the untrue claims she makes in comparing her plan on foreclosures to Obama’s. The New Republic has reviewed Clinton’s plan and called it “dishonest, a fairy tale that won’t come true.” The Washington Post compared the economic stimulus plans of each candidate. Obama’s plan earned an A- while Clinton’s plan received a C-, barely beating John McCain’s D+.

If a commercial like this is the best Clinton can come up with, it is easy to see why Obama has the momentum. Clinton continues to play politics while Obama shows why he is ready to be president. Clinton continues to try to perfect the art of Swift Boating, while Obama vows to end it. We don’t need a debate every week to see which candidate is qualified to be president and which is not.


Compare Clinton’s ad to this ad which Obama is running, along with this ad which directly responds to Clinton’s attack. There’s also a great parody on this ad.

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