Shuster to Remain at MSNBC

Last week David Shuster of MSNBC made the foolish comment, “Doesn’t it seem like Chelsea’s sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?” Hillary Clinton was understandably upset. Shuster apologized and was suspended. This should have been enough to resolve the situation but Clinton proceeded to overplay her hand in demanding that Shuster be fired and saying that she would not participate in a debate on MSNBC.

While I do not approve of Shuster’s comment, I also have severe reservations about a candidate for president using their influence to attempt to have any journalist fired. The manner in which Clinton tried to keep the story alive also raised justifiable skepticism as to whether this was being done more for political gain and to motivate women voters to vote for her. Her refusal to participate in debates on MSNBC was also seen as quite hypocritical in light of her acceptance of an offer to debate on Fox, which has been far more vile over the years.

MSNBC’s director of communication now states Shuster “remains on suspension indefinitely, but he will not be fired and will be returning to MSNBC.” Meanwhile Chelsea Clinton continues to be used by the Clinton campaign to attract the support of supper delegates, which is in no way improper or analogous to being pimped out.

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    Christopher says:

    The Borg Queen told a reporter that her staff had been given “some report” that proves FOX Noise is nicer to her than MSNBC.

    Of course, she failed to name the report.

    The other curious thing about her reaction to Shuster’s comment is, she isn’t satisfied with Shuster’s suspension: she wants Shuster fired. His career at MSNBC ruined.

    In 1998, John McCain told a rabid GOP audience a joke about Chelsea. In it, he asked why Chelsea is “so ugly? Because, “Janet Reno is her father.” Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    But McCain’s vicious attack on Chelsea hasn’t registered with the Clintons. Talk about selective anger.

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