Obama Well Positioned To Expand Delegate Lead Over Clinton

Going into today’s primaries Obama has a lead in delegates won at caucuses and primaries while the news organizations have mixed predictions when the super delegates are considered. TPM Election Central has this listing of how various news organizations estimate the delegate count:

CNN: Clinton 1,148, Obama 1,121

ABC: Clinton 1,149, Obama 1,127

NBC: Obama 958, Clinton 904 (Not counting super-delegates.)

CBS: Obama 1,139, Clinton 1,132

AP: Clinton 1,147, Obama 1,142

The number differ both because it isn’t certain how the delegates will ultimately be divided in the caucus states and there is disagreement over where some of the super delegates stand.

Regardless of today’s count, should Obama do well today and win a solid majority of the 168 delegates up for grabs he will overtake Clinton even when the super delegates are counted. This might not make Obama a clear front runner yet, but if he remains ahead of Clinton going into Ohio and Texas she might suffer the same fate as Rudy Giuliani in waiting too long for a big state victory.

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    Ryan says:

    Here’s another data point from RealClearPolitics:
    w/o super delegates
    Obama: 1004
    Clinton: 925

    w/ super delegates
    Obama: 1144
    Clinton: 1138

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