One Woman Gives Seven Reasons To Support Her Candidate

It is unfortunate that many women are putting aside all rational reasons to support a candidate and are choosing totally based upon gender. Fortunately some women, even those who wish we could have a female president, are putting aside such desires in light of one candidate being the far superior candidate. Dr. Lisa Schirch writes that “I Want a Woman President” but doesn’t let that trump all other considerations:

I too would love to see a woman in the White House – and want my daughter to see that. But far more important than that, in my opinion, is that we elect a President who takes a radically different path than either of the last Bush-Clinton-Bush presidents in the last thirty years. We need a President who radically changes course. I think this election is about the safety of our children in a world that is increasingly dangerous.

Lisa proceeds to discuss seven reasons why she supports Barack Obama. They are excellent reasons (and I could add several more). Some day we will have a woman in the White House, but hopefully not Hillary Clinton. Her poor judgment on several important matters including the Iraq war, the serious flaws in her economic and health care plans, her unwillingness to stand up for principle when she finds it to be unsafe politically, her Nanny State views, her support for increased presidential power, and her adoption of Rove style dishonest campaigning all make her unfit to be president.

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