Obama’s Experience

ShawdowSD, a diarist at Daily Kos, argues that Barack Obama has more significant experience than Hillary Clinton:

When did experience in corporate or trial law become as relevant to the Presidency as Constitutional and civil rights law, considering that the President is sworn to uphold the Constitution, and needs to do so now more than ever?

When did having experience at the local, state, AND federal level become a throw-away credential in a system of government based on the intricacies and interplay of those hierarchies?

When did being a legislator for longer and at two different levels of government become a sign of less government experience?

When did an International Relations major, four years on the Foreign Relations Committee, and years more living unsecluded in Indonesia become negligible foreign policy experience relative to eight years on Armed Services and secluded trips abroad as first lady?

When did the amount of time served in national political foodfights overcome all these important questions of relevant policy experience for an office as important and pivotal as the Presidency of the United States?

The sad answer all of the above is the same: when Barack Obama ran for President, and people got used to believing what the media repeated everyday.  The extent to which even people here have bought it is more than a bit disconcerting.

All true, plus Obama has made the right decisions on Iraq, on cluster bombs, on needle exchange programs. on health care, on the economy, and on limiting presidential power. Obama has more experience than Clinton, and even if he didn’t I’d rather have the candidate who has been right rather than the candidate whose experience means having made more mistakes.

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