Obama Calls on Clinton to Release Tax Returns

As anticipated, the recent news that Hillary Clinton has loaned $5 million to her campaign from her personal funds has revived questions regarding the Clinton’s finances. Political Radar reports:

“I’ve released my tax returns,” Obama said today on his campaign plane, noting that Presidential candidates have a duty to be transparent and accountable.

He said, “The American people deserve to know where you get your income from.”

Back when Bill Clinton was an office-holder, Hillary Clinton’s business dealings were often a source of controversy. Remember the Whitewater land deal and all the scrutiny given to her client list at the Rose Law Firm?

Now that she is running for President,. Bill Clinton’s finances are attracting attention.

He has cashed in since leaving the Oval Office – raking in a small fortune in speaking fees, as well as consulting for private clients and foreign governments. Fundraising for his Presidential library has also come under scrutiny.

In one recent controversy, he reportedly consulted with businessmen connected with the repressive government of Khazakstan. Some have criticized him for selling his credibility and, in the process, undercutting US foreign policy and his wife’s public pronouncements.

Should Hillary Clinton use the former President’s windfall to fund her own bid for the Presidency, it would inevitably become a campaign issue.

And, for her, there’s another sensitivity. Given that she is making the case that she is an independent career woman, dipping into a rich husband’s assets might undercut that image.

Nonetheless the Clintons have resisted frequent calls to open the library’s books or release their income tax returns.

Pressed by reporters for his thoughts, Obama said “I don’t have enough money to drop $5 million on a campaign.”

Should Clinton win the nomination we will be hearing a non-stop attack from Republicans based upon her financial dealings, along with those of her husband. Clinton’s secretiveness about her financial dealings is likely to extend to her governing style should she be elected. Clinton has been a supporter of increased executive privilege to keep information from the public and has been keeping her papers as First Lady secret until at least after the election.

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    cd says:

    I am a born again Dem. because of the belief that if Obama
    can survive the Streets of Chicago he can live in the White House. If the only problem that a poor black politian succumbs to is buying a piece of land next door to him from a
    slum lords wife is brought forth by the Bill-Hillary Clan then
    he’s got my vote. Lord knows the Swift Boats are going to love
    Hillary. This women was actually indicted, Bill was almost
    impeached. What is the real deal here. Something tells me that
    we are not ready for clean politics. We call Hillary a fighter
    in the real world she’s more like a crook. We would be better
    off with our privacy manager Bush.

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