Romney Quitting Race

According to multiple reports, Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign or withdrawing from the race (either of which will amount to the same thing). There was already little doubt that John McCain was going to win the Republican nomination. There are only two things that can stop McCain now:

1) All the conservatives rally around Mike Huckabee, ignoring his populist economic stands and embracing his social conservativism, or

2) The Ron Paul Revolution really exists and all those people who Paul supporters kept arguing were going to vote for Paul, despite the polls, actually turn out and vote for him.

Looking at these two possibilities, they range from low to zero.

Update: Romney has dropped out of the race. The transcript of his statement is here. Does anyone really believe he is quitting the race for the good of the country, and the Republican Party? This certainly sounds like a speech from someone who wants to keep their options open to run in the future, and perhaps who is hoping for a position in the winner’s administration. Despite all his flip-flopping, Romney showed himself to be a true Republican. He passed the test: confusing the war in Iraq with the “war on terror.” That is something we expect to hear from true Republicans, along with as Hillary Clinton.

Remember when the conventional wisdom was that a Senator could not be elected president? I guess one way to make it happen is for both major parties to nominate one. Baring one of the scenarios above, or perhaps Michael Bloomberg winning as a third party candidate, it looks like the next president will be the first coming directly from the Senate since John F. Kennedy. (When we are dealing with Kennedy comparisons, one candidate certainly comes to mind first.)

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