Crying on Schedule?

Hillary Clinton has made crying the topic of the day once again. The Swamp reports:

Sen. Hillary Clinton teared up this morning at an event at the Yale Child Study Center, where she worked while in law school in the early 1970s.

Penn Rhodeen, who was introducing Clinton, began to choke up, leading Clinton’s eyes to fill with tears, which she wiped out of her left eye. At the time, Rhodeen was saying how proud he was that the sheepskin-coat, bell-bottom-wearing young woman he met in 1972 was now running for president.

“Well, I said I would not tear up; already we’re not exactly on the path,” Clinton said with emotion after the introduction.

Maybe it was a natural reaction to the person introducing her choking up. Maybe it is just part of the plan for today. I did feel sympathy for Clinton when the media made a big deal of her tearing up before the New Hampshire primary. Subsequently I found that the woman who asked the question which caused the tears was skeptical and voted for Obama. Clinton was trailing in the polls going into the New Hampshire primary and her crying might have caused her last minute surge. Today, the day before Super Tuesday, Clinton is once again running into trouble in the polls.

There will be plenty of speculation as to whether the tears are real or are a calculated move to try to improve her vote by using what worked once before. The latest polling results certainly could be enough to make her cry for real. Rather than worrying about whether we should vote for her or against her because either this shows she is human or because she is calculating I suggest we stick to the more important issues. There are plenty of reasons to vote against Clinton because of the poor judgment she has made in public life, from her support of the Iraq war to HillaryCare. There’s also good reason to vote against her because of the lack of integrity she has shown while campaigning. These are more important factors to base a vote on than her crying.

The crying wasn’t the only outburst from Clinton which might affect the vote. Clinton might have lost Massachusetts after this one:

Told that Mr. Obama was supporting the Patriots – the home team of his supporters Edward M. Kennedy, John Kerry, and Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Mrs. Clinton grinned and said, “Hm, I wonder why.”

And reminded that she had two campaign stops in Massachusetts on Monday, she joked: “They can redeem themselves on Tuesday – they can vote for a winner.”

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