Super Bowl and Super Tuesday Scoring Update

Super Bowl Sunday didn’t go as I had hoped, but conditions are looking even better going into Super Tuesday. After Obama pulled within the margin of error in the Gallup Poll and their three day Gallup Poll, we now have a poll where it’s all tied up. Obama and Clinton are tied at 41% each in the CBS News/New York Times Poll after Clinton held a fifteen point lead in early January. Now that Obama has scored two touchdowns and a two point conversion to tie, any further scores will win it for him on Super Tuesday. It also helps Obama that even if he should lose by the equivalent of a field goal, the remaining schedule still favors him to win the nomination.

In other scores, John McCain has a two to one lead over Mitt Romney, leading 46 to 23. New York upset New England 17-14. Alas, former University of Michigan Quarterback Tom Brady turned out to just miss perfection but how many can achieve that? Maybe next year he can go all the way and can celebrate a Super Bowl victory shortly after Barack Obama is sworn in as president.

To further combine Super Bowl and Super Tuesday, Obama had an ad on local television in twenty-four states during the Super Bowl. The ad can be viewed here.

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    natalia says:

    go romney you rock your my and i want a lds president

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