SciFi Friday: Lost Returns; Sleepers Challenge Torchwood

Lost returned to start an eight episode run, with the season cut in half due to the strike. Last season ended with a flash forward as opposed to the usual flash back. It is certainly more interesting to see what will happen in the future as opposed to reviewing what happened in the past. The flash forward doesn’t go as far forward as the third season finale. Hurley sees visions of Charlie–or is something really there visiting him in the asylum?

We now know that Jack, Hurley, and Kate are half of the Oceanic Six who eventually get off the island but are keeping some sort of secret. Hurley seems somewhat crazy and after winding up in an asylum meets Matthew Abbadon who introduces himself as an Oceanic Airlines attorney. Hurley gets quite upset when he asks, “Are they still alive?” Hurley didn’t want to tell him anything, just as he didn’t want to let Ana Lucia’s partner know that he knew her. Are the Oceanic Six keeping quiet about the other survivors to cover up what they did to leave the island, or are they protecting them because they don’t want to be found? Ana’s partner specifically asked if Hurley met her before she boarded, which suggests that nobody is aware of the fact that there were a number of survivors together on the island after the crash (but Abbadon does suspect).

Jack visits Hurley to make sure that Hurley doesn’t plan to talk. At this point Hurley is messed up and thinks they should not have left the island. Jack is still rational but does mention plans to grow a beard. We know that at some point in the future bearded Jack will get as messed up as Hurley and will also be talking about how they should have not left the island. Is this the trend with all those who left, and does it have anything to do with why one (who might not be one of the Six) is in a casket at the end of last season?


Hurley does tell Jack he is sorry for having gone with Locke. Back on the island the survivors divide into two groups, but this suggests they do get back together since Jack and Hurley were in the different groups but both leave the island. Hurley also has one of the key scenes back on the island (video above) when he sees Jacob’s house come and go. There’s somebody in a rocking chair who you cannot get a view of. The credits do list the actor who plans Christian Sheppard–Jack’s dead father. A screen capture verifies that it is Christian Sheppard’s body:

All those strange things from earlier in the series, such as Jack’s father’s body disappearing, just might eventually mean something. What is Jack’s father doing in Jacob’s house–or is he somehow also Jacob? Perhaps Jacob is just borrowing his body. In one episode we have certainly learned a lot more about the direction the story is going, and have even more questions than before.


Sleeper, the second episode Torchwood this season, premiers on BBC America Saturday night. I won’t say very much so as to avoid spoiling it for those who haven’t seen the episode yet. The story does not follow up on the new character introduced in the first episode, and is actually pretty much sex-free. If that isn’t too much of a disappointment, it is a good all around SF story. The episode both works as a stand alone story and also introduces yet another threat to the earth which could return in a future episode. As they say, the 21st century is when everything changes.

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