Taylor Marsh Jumps the Shark

The nuttiness from some of the Clinton supporters is getting more and more absurd. It’s bad enough when they repeat every dishonest claim, from their misinterpretation of the present votes to the distortions of the interview where Ronald Reagan was mentioned. They easily ignore all the cases of race baiting. At other times Clinton supporters brag about the manner in which their candidate is going after Obama, seeing nothing at all wrong with imitating the tactics of the Republicans. Today the lunacy has reached a new extreme in a post from Taylor Marsh.

Hillary Clinton had tried to get the endorsement from Ted Kennedy. Kennedy is planning to endorse Obama, largely due to the unethical tactics of the Clinton campaign which the Clinton supporters either ignore or justify. (They really do need to get their stories straight on this point.) Marsh responds by trashing John Kennedy, including bringing up his connections to the mob. There’s no doubt that if Ted Kennedy had endorsed Clinton we would be hearing about how wonderful JFK was and how Hillary would recreate Camelot.

Marsh progresses to develop an imaginary world in which she claims Obama would have voted for the war if he was in the Senate. This argument is hardly convincing considering that it was Clinton who voted for the war while Obama was speaking out against it.The ending is quite strange as it suggests that Marsh has no understanding of why the war should have been opposed. She argues that Kennedy would have voted for the war because he was “an unabashed Cold War hawk.” This accepts the right wing meme that to oppose the Iraq war is equivalent to being opposed to the defense of the country. The Iraq war should have been opposed because the war was contrary to our national interests and because it represented an unprovoked invasion of another country on false premises. This was not a matter of being a hawk or a dove. One could be a hawk against a real threat such as the Soviet Union and still opposing an disastrous move such as going into Iraq. John Kennedy might have opposed the war as his brother has.

Besides, even if JFK would have voted yes this does not mean that Obama would have. Obama is receiving the endorsement of Kennedy’s brother and daughter, and is being compared to him in some ways, but that does not mean they are identical. The endorsement does not suggest that Obama and Kennedy would agree on all matters. Even if the JFK of the early 1960’s seemed like someone who would have supported the Iraq war, a current Senator or president would have the added historical perspective of the limitations of American intervention and of the complexities of the middle east. No matter how she tries to spin it, Hillary Clinton had the poor judgment to support the war while Obama opposed it.

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  1. 1
    Dustin says:

    It saddens me to say it but ever since Marsh started shilling for Clinton while ignoring (or actively defending) the many ways her campaign appears to be managed by the Rovian playbook I’ve stopped reading her works. She’s acting more like Malkin with every bit of negative news; the only difference is candidate has a (D) after her name.

  2. 2
    Lou says:

    Ron, I could not stop laughing when I saw she was going to try and take on JFK’s legacy. Including trying to use his ties to the mob in order to make him ‘like Obama’. I mean, that’s just sweet. What an ego this woman has.

    She’ll never be taken seriously again.

  3. 3
    Luv says:

    I used to have so much respect for Marsh, but she has CLEARLY sold her soul to the Clintons. And Ron’s right, there’s NEVER any mention of any wrong-doing on the Clinton’s part (no mention of Bill’s Jesse Jackson moment yet) and she exaggerates and becomes unhinged with the slightest Obama “gaffe”.

    Her site has become almost a satire site on how someone can be so blindly, dangerously loyal to a political candidate.

  4. 4
    Dustin says:

    “Ron, I could not stop laughing when I saw she was going to try and take on JFK’s legacy.

    She’s not the only one. Apparently it’s all the rage to go after Kennedy amongst Clinton’s blogger supporters now that Obama’s being compared to JFK. Talk about hubris.

  5. 5
    Kevin K. says:

    My favorite part of her post about JFK was this one: “As I did in my one woman show on him and as I’ve done throughout my writing life, I offer the fullness of the man…”

    A one woman show about JFK? Is there anything this woman hasn’t done?

  6. 6
    Sean C Higgins says:

    Sean C Higgins Says:

    I Hear Senator Clinton say she has 35 Years experience. Where is this experience? The last time I checked Sen. Clinton has only held public office less than 5 years. How is it that Sen. Clinton tries to take credit for things accomplished under her husbands adminstration? As for the former president who states Sen. Obama is a fairy tale. I respond in his own statement. “I smoked it but I did not inhale”. NOW WHOSE LIVING IN A FAIRY TALE!!! The Clinton’s played the race card because they are the only ones that can benefit from seeing Sen. Obama as ONLY A Black Candidate. In essence VOTER SURPRESSION is what they seek to accomplish. In simple terms they think that black people will possibly see that Sen. Obama cannot not win as a Black man seeking the presidency and not VOTE!!!

    The former president should not campaign for his wife. There is a code of conduct that former presidents should adhere to. The former president Bush watched his son run for office and yet we got no campaigning or no ill words. Former president Clinton over stepped his boundaries.
    Lastly, Black America should WAKE UP!!! Bill Clinton the last time I checked Was A WHITE MALE!!! Who during his time in office never really did anything extraordinary to help black people. So why is it that some in leadership think He was the first black president. Absolutely CRAZY!!!

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