Clinton Surprised By Photo With Rezko


One of the many absurd attacks coming from Hillary Clinton this week involved Tony Rezko. Considering both the number of questionable business dealings involving the Clintons, and the lack of any evidence of wrong doing by Obama, this attack appears as just one more desperation measure. This morning Hillary got what she deserved when she appeared on The Today Show and was confronted with the above picture with Rezko. Clinton responded:

“I don’t know the man. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in the door. I don’t have a 17 year relationship with him. There’s a big difference between standing somewhere taking a picture with someone you don’t know and haven’t seen since, and having a relationship that the newspapers in Chicago have been exploring.”

The picture very well may be perfectly innocent. There is no evidence of any wrong doing by either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. There’s little doubt that Rezko hoped to receive favors, but none were given. As Steve Benen wrote:

…the story has been around for a while, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to it. The LA Times went digging, and ran a front-page piece on the “controversy” on Wednesday, but if there’s anything seriously damaging about Obama and Rezko, the LAT couldn’t find it.

Matthew Yglesias wrote:

The essence of the matter is that there doesn’t seem to have been any quid to go with the pro quo here. Rezko tried to curry favor with politicians in order to get stuff from them, and Obama was no exception…what makes this sort of line of attack curious to me is that if there’s one thing we absolutely know for sure about the Clintons it’s that if you’re inclined to make mountains out of molehills there are tons and tons of thin ethical charges you can make against them.

Jason Zengerle wrote:

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the Rezko thing is a very big deal for either candidate. So far as I can tell, Obama didn’t do any favors for him–other than giving the son of a Rezko friend an internship. And, just because Drudge has a photo of the Clintons with Rezko doesn’t mean they did anything untoward, either. But, of course, Hillary was the one who brought up Rezko (in response, to be fair, to Obama’s shot about her serving on Wal-Mart’s board), so she left herself open to this sort of thing. I wonder if the Clinton team is furiously searching for a photo of Obama with Sam Walton.

Rezko appears to be a non-issue for each candidate, but there is a certain satisfaction in seeing Hillary Clinton embarrassed by the matter after she tried to smear Obama by distorting the relationship between Rezko and Obama. In case any Clinton supporters want to make an issue over the intern appointment, The Carpetbagger Report also disposed of that issue:

As for the internship angle, apparently one out of about 100 internships Obama’s office offered in 2005 went to the son of one of Rezko’s friends. (The kid spent five weeks in Washington, answering Obama’s front office phone and logging constituent mail.) As scandals go, it’s pretty laughable — as Tom Bevan, a conservative Republican, said, “Please. If we went and made a federal case over every Congressional internship that’s been doled out over the years to the child of a friend or political contributor we’d run out of trees and ink by next Thursday.”

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    mary says:

    This was a deliberate smear campaign started by the Clintons. The day after she attached Obama bringing up Rezko, Rezko’s bail was revoked. His trial begins for his crimes, that have nothing to do with Senator Obama just before the crucial Texas/Ohio elections.

    Headline news: Obama Fund Raiser’s Trial Begins, even though Senator Obama is not on trial for any wrong doing. Sad day if Hillary’s latest dirty trick works and she garners votes by spreading lies. Perhaps her ego is so big, she does not realize, people like me will not vote for her in November.

    I have a hard time voting on the Democrat ticket because the DNC should have disqualified her from running, due to the string of scandals behind the Clintons, especially the lie under oath to the Grand Jury. They lack morals and maturity.

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