The Clinton Circus Act

The Clinton strategy after losing Iowa has been to distract from the issues by launching a smear campaign on Obama. The first act was to inject race into the campaign. The second act was to distort Obama’s statements. It didn’t really matter what they said as long as Bill Clinton could suck all the air out of the campaign and distract from any real discussion of the issues. When Obama responded to the lies from Bill and Hillary Clinton they went on to attack Obama for discussing such issues, and to attack the press for covering them. Of course what the Clintons really want is for this circus to dominate the coverage. I’ve already quoted several columnists who have exposed the Clinton strategy. Joe Klein is the latest:

Let me get this straight: Obama wins Iowa. In a desperate move–unprecedented for an ex-President in American politics–Bill Clinton decides to impede Obama’s momentum by inserting himself into the campaign. He attacks Obama on an almost daily basis, sometimes falsely. He makes a spectacle of himself. And then he blames the press for not covering the substance of the campaign?

I can’t believe that Hillary Clinton wants the world to think that whenever she gets into political trouble, she’s going to have her husband come roaring about, breaking furniture, sucking up oxygen, spewing carbon dioxide. My impression is that she’s strong enough to defend herself–she certainly showed that in the recent Democratic debate. But apparently she’s not strong enough to control Mr. Bill…and if that’s the case, any sane voter would have to think twice before enabling this sort of circus act in the White House.

No, such an act should not be allowed in the White House. If they lie this easily during the campaign, they will lie this easily in office.

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