Obama vs. Clinton on Delegate Victories

The situation in Nevada is somewhat unclear as the delegates to the Democratic convention will not be officially determined until April. Clinton is using this to deny the wire service reports that Obama beat her in the delegate count. In the absence of an official delegate count, this statement from the Nevada Democratic Party is the closest we have to determining an actual winner:

“No national convention delegates were awarded. That said, if the delegate preferences remain unchanged between now and April 2008, the calculations of national convention delegates being circulated by the Associated Press are correct. We look forward to our county and state conventions where we will choose the delegates for the nominee that Nevadans support.”

When things were looking bleak for Clinton earlier in the month their response was, “This is a race for delegates…It is not a battle for individual states. As David knows, we are well past the time when any state will have a disproportionate influence on the nominating process.”

While certainly not as clear cut a victory as if he had won a majority of the vote, this does make it a narrow victory for Obama, especially if we go by the Clinton campaign’s own criteria. Right or wrong, American elections are not about who gets the most votes. In a caucus such as this winning comes down to who wins in more areas of the state, while in the national election winning comes down to who picks up the most electoral votes by winning the most states.

So far Obama is remaining undefeated in the state delegate battles, winning in Iowa and Nevada and tying in New Hampshire. Of course if we look at the delegate battle Clinton did start out with the lead in terms of super delegates, but those are free to change their minds should Obama make the case to them that he is the Democrat with the best chance to win. The stronger McCain looks as the Republican nominee, the more it looks like the Democrats must go to a candidate who appeals to independents to win.

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    Erica says:

    I really think that no matter how many votes obama gets the polls will be riged because noway they are going to let a black man run this country even though i voted for obama i know it”s not going to happen not it this life time i like clinton and obama but i think that obama will make a change and we need someone new other than bush i really really hope that obama win not because he is black but because he is willing to make a change foreal and be dedicated we have giving everyone else a chance why not obama don”t he deserve a chance oyea i forgot he is black so what he is human and he stands for what is right and him winning is right my prayers and blessing are with obama this should not be about race all the time why can”t it just be about the love of our country and people because bush and his daddy needs to move on we don”t want him never did they are both crinimals they should be the ones in iraq fighting with the war instead of sending bodies home to love one not caring while they are enduring pain.

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