Reasons Outs Rockwell As Paul’s Newsletter Writer

Today Reason writes that Lew Rockwell was the writer of many of Ron Paul’s newsletters. Paul’s connection to white supremacists has been well known by many libertarians and I’ve commented on this previously, including noting that Rockwell was the likely “ghost writer” a few days ago. I’ve most recently summarized here the case that, while Paul uses pro-freedom language, ultimately Paul’s views are not pro-freedom.
Lew Rockwell is a long time friend of Ron Paul and his former chief of staff. Rockwell’s web site has promoted Ron Paul in the same manner that Fox promotes the GOP establishment. Reason recently demonstrated that, contrary to Paul’s denial, Ron Paul has previously acknowledged knowledge of the article and defended their content.

Reason reviews how the newsletters were a lucrative source for donations. Former Paul staffer Eric Dondero is quoted as saying, “the wilder they got, the more bombastic they got with it, the more the checks came in. You think the newsletters were bad? The fundraising letters were just insane from that period.” Dondero was later fired by Paul over their disagreements on the Iraq war, but despite this dispute Dondero’s account is consistent with the information reported by Reason and other libertarians.

Paul’s previous statements suggest he was the writer but it is certainly plausible that Paul had staffers, or long term associates such as Rockwell, write the articles. What is not plausible based upon Paul’s own past statements is that he was unaware of the writings. It is even harder for Paul to disassociate himself from ghost written articles if they were written by an associate as close to him as Rockwell. Paul’s previous defense of the content also contradicts his current claims.

Paul might personally be a racist, or he might have allowed articles he personally disagreed with for in order to generate contributions. It doesn’t really matter whether Paul is personally a racist. It is quite a fine line between sending out racist writings you believe in and sending out racist writings you do not believe in for the purpose of bringing in contributions from racists. Even if he is personally not a racist, he is no better. Similarly those who defend Paul on this are no better.

Update: Eric Dondero denies that he was fired by Ron Paul in the comments. Ron Paul has previously stated that he had fired Dondero.


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    Eric Dondero says:

    There is absolutely no truth to the accusation that I was “fired.” This is an internet smear concocted by a guy named Paul Frankel, a leftwing Anarchist libertarian who uses aliases such as “Pauli Cannoli”. He posted it on a few sites, and it has been picked up on by other sites, including now sadly Liberal Values.

    For anyone wishing to confirm my resigning from Ron Paul’s Congressional staff they need only pick up the phone and consult Ron’s longtime Congressional Chief of Staff Tom Lizardo in DC at 202-225-2831. Tom will disabuse you of the notion of “Eric’s firing” faster than you can say “Cannoli is a lying sack of shit.”

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    Ron Chusid says:


    Paul Frankel might be saying this but he is not the source. Reason has stated this in the past and Ron Paul himself has claimed he fired you in an interview which I have viewed the video above.

    I apologize if this is untrue and will add a comment to the post.

  3. 3
    Eric Dondero says:

    And Ron Paul has since gone back on that statement. He knows it is incorrect, and he is undoubtably aware of the legal ramifications of continued slander.

    In the interview with Tim Russert, Paul when asked about me, changed the word “fired” to “put out.” (Actually, I found that to be quite amusing – almost Tony Soprano-esque.)

    Again, for the millionth time, it’s all in the records. If anyone wishes to know my official employment status, or about my resignation, they can simply pick up the damned phone and call Ron Paul’s longtime Chief of Staff Tom Lizardo at the DC office at 202-225-2831. Tom, will no doubt set the record straight. Tom is the one responsible, and always has been, since the day Ron Paul won election in 1996, of decisions of hiring and firing and of all inter-Ron Paul office Human Relations decisions.

    Again, that number is 202-225-2831. If you don’t get Tom right away, leave a voice mail. He’s very good at returning calls.

    Again, that number is 202-225-2831. Pick up the phone and ask Chief Lizardo, “Was Eric Dondero fired from Ron Paul’s staff?”

    Again, that number is 202-225-2831.

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    mozarker says:

    Boo hoo hoo, Dondero. Are you actually accusing someone of trying to smear your good name?

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