Nevada’s Largest Paper To Endorse Obama Wednesday

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the largest newspaper in Nevada, has announced that the paper will endorse Barack Obama in Wednesday’s newspaper:

Review-Journal to recommend Obama
In Wednesday’s Review-Journal, the editorial board recommends Democrats in the Saturday caucuses support the candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama. The board notes he is the most viable of the remaining candidates for the party.

Update: The editorial endorsing Obama is now on line. This is obviously quite a right wing publication, and I can’t imagine many Democratic voters using this editorial page to guide their votes. The “endorsement” is basically a right wing attack piece on the top three remaining Democratic candidates which falls back on typical conservative talking points. About the only good thing which can be said about it is that it does show that even conservatives find Obama more acceptable than Clinton and Edwards, but the type of conservatives who think like this editorial writer aren’t going to vote for any Democrat in November.

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  1. 1
    Jenn says:

    Dan I’d cancel my subscription is they actually believe at all that Obama has any viability.

    Hope is not a platform.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    No, hope is not a platform. However the Review-Journal is incorrect in characterizing Obama’s platform as merely being hope.

    Never underestimate the ability of conservatives to totally ignore anything which conflicts with their alternative reality.

  3. 3
    jessica says:

    I am a democrat supporting obama. If he loses, I will stay home. After all of clinton smear attacks on obama and edwards, I rather drink blood before I vote for that witch!

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