George Bush Falls to New Lows

George Bush has managed to fall to yet another new low in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. His approval is down to 32 percent, falling just below his previous low of 33 percent. Nixon, Carter, and Truman have had approval ratings lower than this, but Bush is likely to set a new record for longest period of unpopularity. He is only two months away from breaking Truman’s record of going 38 months with approval under 50 percent.

Approval of Bush’s handling of Iraq has fallen to 30 percent, two points below his previous low.

Bush has hit new lows among three groups. It is no surprise that his approval is only 9 percent among liberals, but it is also low among moderates at 24 percent and independents at 25 percent. Bush’s low approval has also led to reduced support for the Republican Party. Identification with the GOP fell to an average of 25 percent over 2007, its lowest year long average since 1984.


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    absent observer says:

    Did you see David Frum on the Daily Show, essentially saying, “Follow my advice and the GOP will succeed in this next election, but I feel they are not going to listen to my advice.” –setting himself up as a non-loser in this next election blowout.

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    Eric Dondero says:

    Consider the source: Far Left ABC News, and even Farther Left Washington Post.

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:


    What planet are you on? You accept biased sources such as Fox and Newsmax as news, while you live in a fantasy world where ABC News and Washington Post are left wing. Between this, and your recent use of racist attacks on Obama you are certainly exposing what a right wing extremist and non-libertarian you are.

  4. 4
    Eric Dondero says:

    Fox, Newsmax “right-wing”?

    Newsmax is slightly right of center. But they’re the kind of careful conservatives, never wanting to rock the boat.

    And Fox “right-wing”? Gimmee a break. Ever turn on Fox on the weekends? It’s 24 hours Geraldo Rivera, morning, news and night. Rivera is a flaming liberal. Nice guy. Interesting. But completely and totally liberal.

    Yeah, Hannity is conservative. Yeah, Brit Hume leans con. But O’Reilly? He’s a diehard Moderate Centrist and brags about it. Endorses all sorts of government programs to help the economy. Against Free Trade.

    Fox has one bias, and one bias only: Celebrity. The Network is Celebrity obssessed. If it’s Hollywood Fluff, it makes it on Fox. Plain and simple.

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:


    This explains a lot. You repeatedly repeat right wing talking news from places like Fox as if they are fact, and you have absolutely no idea of what a propaganda outfit Fox is.

    Claiming to be centrist is part of O’Reilly’s act. He’s as right wing as they come.

    Celebrity? That’s true of virtually everything on television, but if I had to find something good to say about Fox, at least they aren’t as bad as CNN and MSNBC on this count. I’ve often wound up watching Fox simply because they were the only ones airing news rather than celebrity fluff at the time.

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