Guest Blogging at The Carpetbagger Report

Join me over at The Carpetbagger Report this weekend. Steve Benen is taking a much deserved weekend off and I’ll be guest blogging in his absence, along with Steve M. from No More Mister Nice Blog and dnA from Too Sense. I’m not sure how this will impact half the liberal blogosphere which Steve also seems to cover on weekends.

I’ll also cross post whatever I write over here. Regular readers might experience a bit of déjà vu. While I never know for sure what I’ll be blogging about ahead of time, with three of us scouring the news for things to blog about I plan to have at least some of my posts be on some of the larger subjects I’ve often discussed here in the past, including some which don’t receive as much attention elsewhere in the liberal blogosphere. That doesn’t mean I’ll be ignoring the news. I do note that John Kerry will be appearing on This Week tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll be commenting on the interview, his endorsement of Barack Obama, and more.

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