McCain Projected to Win Republican Primary; Edwards Third in Democratic Race

Several news organizations are now projecting John McCain will win the Republican primary. He currently has a comfortable lead over Mitt Romney. This certainly puts McCain in a strong position in the race, but I wouldn’t write off Huckabee’s chances as many have. Maybe Giuliani’s Super Tuesday strategy will also make him a contender. At present he’s barely beating Paul in New Hampshire, but its still early.

Clinton currently has a four point lead over Obama with  15% of the precincts reporting. I don’t know if this is a consequence of which areas are reporting so far or if Clinton has really made a come back. Should these results hold there will probably be a two-way race for the nomination. Nobody is projecting an actual winner in New Hampshire, but Edwards is now projected to come in third place, seriously damaging his hopes of turning this into a two-man race with him and Obama.

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