Clinton Shows No Signs Of Making Pre-New Hampshire Come Back

The news continues to look bad for Hillary Clinton today. Reuters reports on a ten point lead for Obama. The New York Times says that even interest in Bill Clinton is decreasing. The New York Daily News has an op-ed on from Bob Shrum on “Hillary’s massive mistake.” Drudge is floating a rumor that Hillary might drop out. There is no sign that the Clinton campaign has any idea what to do.

Hillary was interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition and gave no signs of being able to change votes. She tried to hit Obama on changing his positions, but her arguments were over minor matters, not the issues which will decide the election. Steven Benen shows one example of Clinton using a trivial issue over a robo-call. Josh Marshall looks at how Clinton is relying on the meaningless issue of Obama voting present concluding that “they literally have no idea what to do at the clutch moment. For the now they are grasping for anything and everything.”

It is hard to see any way for Clinton to make a come back and stop Obama from winning the nomination.

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    Ben David says:

    Excuse me while I ask you to stop playing the violin to the death march. Now, I thank you. Lets not argue but lets say obama wins n.h.and s.c. Remember now there are three more states to vote in January. Lets say hrc wins nevada, then moves on to michigan and wins that, Now we go to florida and she wins that state too. The main street media will have to report on her wins. Well maybe they won’t,but if those three states go for hrc then the mo has turned back and going into super tuesday will be then, advantage hrc. I give obama illinois and two other states for free and hrc wins 16..Now what happens next. Will dredge say obama’s campaign be ready to quit? Will the Post say that obama’s crowds are smaller?Will bob strum write an article entitled, Obama’s big mistake?
    So I say let this play out and really see what happens. It would be fair to do so.
    Ben David

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    This will play out regardless of what I write, but speculating on the outcome is part of the fun.

    A win in Nevada won’t change anything, and a win in Michigan will be meaningless as Obama and Edwards aren’t even on the ballot and nobody is campaigning. If you are counting on such states to change things, dream on. Obama’s momentum is only going to increase now that Hillary has lost the only argument which convinced many to vote for her–her “inevitability.”

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