Scientists Warn Of Dangers if Huckabee Elected

Mike Huckabee might have won in Iowa, and perhaps won tonight’s debate on style, but we also must remember that the US is “doomed” should he be elected. Here is the scientific basis for this warning:

A day after ordained Baptist minister Mike Huckabee finished first in the opening round to choose a Republican candidate for the White House, scientists warned Americans against electing a leader who doubts evolution.

“The logic that convinces us that evolution is a fact is the same logic we use to say smoking is hazardous to your health or we have serious energy policy issues because of global warming,” University of Michigan professor Gilbert Omenn told reporters at the launch of a book on evolution by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

“I would worry that a president who didn’t believe in the evolution arguments wouldn’t believe in those other arguments either. This is a way of leading our country to ruin,” added Omenn, who was part of a panel of experts at the launch of “Science, Evolution and Creationism.”

The panelists at the book launched spoke out against the teaching of creationism in science classes:

Omenn and the other panel members at the book launch said categorically that creationism should be banned from science classrooms.

“Scientific inquiry is not about accepting on faith a statement or scriptural passage. It’s about exploring nature, so there really is not any place in the science classroom for creationism or intelligent design creationism,” said Omenn.

“We don’t teach astrology as an alternative to astronomy, or witchcraft as an alternative to medicine,” said Francisco Ayala, a professor of biological sciences at the University of California, Irvine.

“We must understand the difference between what is and is not science. We must not teach creationism as an alternative to evolution,” he said.

“Holding deep religious beliefs is not incompatible with believing in evolution,” Omenn said.

“But that’s different to saying the two can be taught together in science class, because religion and science are two different ways of knowing about the world. They might not be incompatible but they don’t overlap each other’s spheres.

“Science class should not contain religious attitudes,” he added.

In addition to Mike Huckabee, one other current candidate, Ron Paul, has denied evolution.

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