Ron Paul’s Supporters Rally in the World of Warcraft

Tonight we will find out if there is anything to the Ron Paul phenomenon. Is it merely a bunch of geeks who spend a lot of time on line (along with sending real money) or can they actually compete with the establishment candidates in the real world? I’m not sure that this report provides good evidence of Paul’s real world support. WanderingGoblin reports on a successful Ron Paul rally–in the virtual World of Warcraft.

The rally went a bit better than expected. The number of Ron Paul followers that appeared were appreciable.

The rally actually caused a queue on Whisperwind of more than 300 players waiting to log in.

They filled five raids with Ron Paul supporters. At 40 per raid, that was more than 200 people.

Various guildmates threw out different figures. One said that 200+ people had shown up. Another said the number was 240, another said 250 or more.

The march ended in Orgrimmar, with (presumably) the mass slaughter of the marchers at the hands of their Horde enemies. No word on how Ron Paul felt about this horrific tragedy.

Will the Ron Paul supporters pull away from their computers tonight and brave the real cold of Iowa? That could be one of the more interesting side stories to come out of the caucus results.

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    Ron Paul For President says:

    While a WoW rally may not mean much on it’s own what it does show is how many different groups Ron Paul is reaching. Most importantly it shows how many usually NON political people he is reaching. There are so many Ron Paul supporters who have never cared about politics before. He is exciting to people because they see him talking about things that to many every day Americans are just plain common sense and just plain right. For example ending the War on Drugs. Why is no mainstream Democrat talking about it? Aren’t they supposed to be “liberal”? The fact is that Ron Paul is more liberal than John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama when it comes to civil liberties and that’s extremely important. Far more important than the MSM lets on. People want to be FREE! It’s our lives, it’s our bodies. Let us do what we please. This is supposed to be the “land of the free” – well it’s time we make that a reality. Vote for Ron Paul 2008. He will end the War on Drugs!

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    In principle Paul is better than any of the Democratic candidates on the drug war. The Democrats have at least taken small steps such as opposing the DEA raids on people using medicinal marijuana.

    Overall in terms of freedom, Paul is a poor choice. While he personally has the right idea on the drug war, it won’t help much in light of his views on federalism. Not many states are likely to change their drug laws.

    On the other hand, Paul is a poor choice for those who want freedom if concerned with abortion rights–or other areas which might conflict with the agenda of the religious right in light of his denial of separation of church and state. Between this, and his views on states rights, the election of Ron Paul would lead to decreased freedom for many.

  3. 3
    Bob@ Warcraft says:

    Ron Paul’s rally online in <a href=’’>World of Warcraft</a> just shows his appeal to a diverse group of people

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    Maybe, but I see it more as an example of the characteristics among some of the very limited group of people who Ron Paul appealed to.

    Regardless, I primarily posted this as an amusing example of the intersection of on line activity and politics.

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