John McCain’s Campaign Has Come Back to Life

This year’s primary battles might include an unexpected similarity to 2004 when the early front runner appeared to be out of the race and then came back to win. John McCain might be following a path similar to John Kerry’s in 2004.

The two names have been connected before. The two reportedly became friends when they worked on the POW issue years after they each served in Vietnam. There were rumors in 2004 that Kerry was seeking McCain to be his running mate, along with more credible reports that it was McCain himself who floated this rumor to improve his own reputation. It would be ironic if the two wind up following a similar path to their party’s nomination.

In early 2003 John Kerry was considered by many to be the front runner for the Democratic nomination later fell behind Howard Dean. At his lowest point Kerry fell behind Al Sharpton in the polls and had to mortgage his home to raise money to continue his campaign. After many pundits wrote his campaign off as over, Kerry came back in the final days before the Iowa caucus to win the 2004 Democratic nomination.

John McCain also started out the year as front runner and later his campaign was written off as dead. Suddenly, in a campaign where all the front runners have major faults, McCain’s campaign is rebounding. Polls are showing that McCain is surging in New Hampshire. Previously he received the endorsements of The Des Moines Register, The Boston Globe, and The Manchester Union Leader. He added yet another endorsement today from The Boston Herald. I wonder how often the two Boston papers agree on anything.

The Boston Herald decided to only endorse McCain and not to endorse a candidate for the Democratic nomination. My feeling is the opposite this year as I only find viable candidates worth considering among the Democrats (but would take a closer look at Michael Bloomberg should he really run and Edwards or Clinton win the Democratic nomination). I could never support McCain due to his views on Iraq and on social issues, but in some ways he is preferable to many of his Republican opponents. At least McCain is not in denial over global warming, opposes torture, has tangled with the religious right, and does not share the xenophobia of many Republicans on immigration. Considering the values of mixed government, having McCain as president and checked by a Democratic Congress would at least be a big improvement over the Bush years.

It is impossible to predict the result of primaries this far out as a tremendous number of voters don’t make up their minds until the final days. It is not even clear if newspaper endorsement make a difference, but they do provide credibility to a campaign which was previous written off as dead. McCain may or may not win but he is now one of the viable candidates in the race for the Republican nomination.

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  1. 1
    Smith Johnson says:

    Senator John McCain is believed to be carrying the new Contagious Skin Cancer strand and many members of the Republican party as well as fellow senator Joe Lieberman, who recently endorsed McCain, are steering clear of him because they fear contracting it.

    This new type of contagious skin cancer is believed to be responsible for the spike in 2007’s reported skin cancer incidents. It is reported that both the ADA and CDC are remaining silent on it fearing a public panic.

    “Fairskinned people are the agents carrying and transmitting this new skin cancer nightmare,” a leading oncologist wishing to remain unidentified says. “We’ve found it is only transmittable between fairskinned people. Carriers can be identified by a change in their skin color. Exposed areas of their bodies, like their face, hands, arms and neck inflame and become very red.

  2. 2
    Mark says:

    While I’m largely skeptical of the value of newspaper endorsements, it seems that in Iowa at least the DMR endorsement helped McCain substantially. The polls from Iowa I’ve seen the last few days show McCain getting a boost of 5-15 points (depending on the source) over last week. I suspected that the DMR endorsement would have a significant positive effect for McCain because he had written that state off, so he wasn’t on voters’ minds anymore. The endorsement threw him back in the public eye in Iowa. In NH, though, I doubt the local endorsements will be of much independent value (though they combine to give a feeling of momentum that will be very helpful to his campaign’s appearance of being a contender, which usually attracts voters).

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    Smith Johnson,

    It’s amazing what will spread on the internet. Skin cancer is not contagious. There’s nothing on such a disease in the medical literature, or in any of the CDC or health department alerts I have received. The CDC does not say quiet about new infections to prevent panic. If a new infectious disease or public health problem is found they send out alerts so that we can deal with the situation.

  4. 4
    Smith Johnson says:

    I am VERY sure about my information, Ron; and, am even taking precaustions to protect my family from the UV light blacks radiate. So, you can do what you want to do. I KNOW WHAT THE CDC ISN’T DISCLOSING AND WHY. YOU DON’T.

    Most of all, I’m going to say I told you so, when you finally learn, black people cause our skin cancers.

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    Any chance you are Ron Paul’s health care advisor 🙂

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